The Company

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La Morandi was born in 2009 following the union between the forty-year experience in making shirts of the founder with the enthusiasm of the new generation.

The Know-how gained in years of activity, combined with the innovative youthful spirit, created a dynamic reality in which it is possible to realize a product strongly linked to the tradition of Made in Italy, characterized by cutting accuracy, fabrics’ quality, design of details and attention to fashion trends.

The shirts for man, woman and child are entirely manufactured within the company by employing highly skilled staff able to follow carefully all steps of production, from the realization of the model to final inspection.

The careful selection of the wide range of fabrics, purchased by the best Italian manufacturers such as Albini, Thomas Mason, Canclini, Bassetti, Monti, Testa, the attention to detail, the continuous research of the models, the variety of finishes allow to produce high quality garments able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Over the years, to series production was added that one of measure: this is an additional service for the customer who wants to customize his own shirt by choosing from different models of neck, wrists, buttonholes, pockets, and enriching it with hand-made processing such as buttons attacks, initials, slots and armholes.

La Morandi srl is not just a sewing craft that makes shirts; in recent years it has specialized in the manufactoring of women’s clothes on measure, arising several models and a wide range of fabrics. Each garment is made following the traditional method.